Level-Right® LDF Maxxon Green Mark

Product Description:
Level-Right® LDF is a revolutionary, lightweight product made from Portland cement and a proprietary expanded polystyrene foam aggregate. The aerated foam aggregate gives the cement a range of unique properties, making it perfect for deep fill applications. Level-Right® LDF is ready–mixed cement designed to be capped with a Maxxon Underlayment. Level-Right® LDF is mixed and pumped on-site with Maxxon Underlayment pumps making installation quick and easy.

Product Advantages:
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Density of 28-32 pcf (20% the weight of typical concrete)
  • Foam beads coated to prevent water absorption
  • Not moisture sensitive
  • Can be sloped
  • No thickness limitation
  • Fast drying
  • Pours over conduit, wires, pipes, etc.
  • Thermal properties

Technical Data:

Compressive Strengths:
Modified ASTM C 109
up to 400 psi (2.8 MPa)
28 Day Dry Density: 28-32 pcf
Flexural Strength:
119 psi
Mod of Elasticity:
1.1 GPa
No loss @ 300 cycles
R-Value: 1.8 per inch

For additional information on the USGBC and Level-Right qualifications for earning LEED points, please see our "Green" page »

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