Dura-Cap® Maxxon Green Mark


Product Description:
To smooth concrete slabs, precast planks, or steel deck use Dura-Cap®. It's formulated to cap rough, pitted, cracked and out-of-level concrete. In renovation projects, it can be poured directly over old tile and adhesive residue. Gyp-Crete 2000/3.2K and Dura-Cap can also be used over a special encapsulant to abate vinyl asbestos tile. Consult your Maxxon dealer for more details on this safe and extremely cost-effective method of abatement.

Dura-Cap, an Eco-Friendly Building Product, is an ideal solution for sustainable building projects.

Technical Data:

Compressive Strength: Typical range of 2,500 to 4,000 psi (17 to 27.6 MPa)
'K' Factor: 4.76 Btu/(h · ft² · ºF) (.6854 W/[m · ºC])
Specific Heat: .229 Btu/(lb · ºF) at 85ºF (.9595 kJ/[kg · ºC] at 29.44ºC)
Weight: At 1/2", less than 4.8 lbs./sq. ft.
(At 12.7 mm, less than 23.5 kg/m²)
Dry Density: 115 lbs./ft³ (1842 kg/m³)
Point Loading: Typical loading of up to 4,000 lbs. on a 1"
(1362 kg on a 25.4 mm) diameter disc
Surface Burning Characteristics: Flame spread: 0
Fuel contributed: 0
Smoke density: 0
VOC Emissions: GREENGUARD Gold Certified

For additional information on GREENGUARD, the USGBC, and Dura-Cap's qualifications for earning LEED points, please see our "Green" page »

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